About Us

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Yao Zeus Mohammed is a fashion designer/social entrepreneur from Togo. Having lived in a remote refugee camp for over 16 years, 

Yao has encountered both a diverse array of life experiences and a variety of cultural background. With a unique perspective, he decided to do what would make him truly happy, sharing the richness of African culture with the world. And through a vehicle of  African inspired fashion line Mawogan, he does exactly that While promoting the talent of local artists in Togo. 

Our Mission

Supporting fellow African artists is not Mawogan’s only philanthropic mission. It is our mandate to protect, respect and share African culture through art and tolerance.  “We believe that preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.

Our Why

MAWOGAN fashion is about introducing and celebrating the beauty of African culture and talent. The Mawogan line is designed by Yao and made by a team of talented artist in Togo. Mawogan is committed to providing opportunity to local artist in Lome, Togo. Every purchase employs a talented craftsman in Togo. Trade Not Aid.